Keep The Light On Video

Keep the Light On by Planta. From the Album Keep the Light On. Recorded at Soundworks Recording Studio by Kamilo Kratc. Video Recorded by Sandra Kratc. Video Editing: Ricardo Ponce. Lead Vocals and Guitar: Ricardo Ponce; Lead Guitar: Marcelo Dominguez; Bass: Jean-Paul Le Du; Drums: Joe Hauser.

Photo & Album Art Design: Lara Dominguez

Keep the Light On is Planta’s second album and steers the listeners to a more adventurous, ambient and distinct journey into rock music. The collection of songs represents the band’s uncanny ability to maintain through strong technique the essence of simplicity. From tender melodies, soul-reaching vocals, infectious guitars, and tight rhythms, Planta's latest sound palette and textures offer among many an inner escape and experience for dreamy stare-through-the-window moments, letting your mind wander and smiling at its poetry.